Behind the glow-up


What It Is and Why It Is Beneficial

Fluoride has long been the go-to ingredient in toothpaste for preventing cavities. However, modern oral implants, and cavity treatment and prevention. HAp is a safe and non-toxic alternative to fluoride. It performs better at preventing tooth decay because it contains calcium and phosphate. Hydroxyapatite has the added benefit of being a natural compound found in the body. This biocompatibility makes hydroxyapatite a safer alternative to other substances, such as fluoride, which can be toxic in large doses and result in various medical conditions.

Hydroxyapatite is unique in that it is biocompatible, meaning that the body recognizes it as part of itself. This process allows the body to absorb HAp into decayed areas of the tooth through enamel remineralization. Hydroxyapatite forms a protective layer on the enamel in the remineralization process by bonding and filling tubules. Tubules are microscopic fissures in the tooth that can cause decay and expose nerves leading to tooth sensitivity. By filling them, HAp can strengthen enamel, protect against plaque that can lead to cavities and gum disease, and reduce tooth sensitivity by covering exposed nerves. The natural process of enamel remineralization mixed with hydroxyapatite’s safe and non-toxic foundation makes it highly suitable for sensitive teeth, children, or those seeking natural oral care products.

With Doctor Gabe’s Glow Up Toothpaste, you can combine the clinical-grade effectiveness of hydroxyapatite with the natural freshening power of essential oils. Our remarkable formula, which contains hydroxyapatite, protects and rebuilds the enamel through the process of enamel remineralization. Additionally, our toothpaste contains a rich infusion of essential oils, including peppermint and spearmint, that leaves the breath fresh for hours.