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Gabe Rosenthal has performed hundreds of smile makeovers. His list of clients include many celebrities such as influencers, Hollywood heavy hitters, and professional athletes.

Doctor Gabe realized that there was a gap in the oral care market. He knew that there was a way to bring his celebrity-caliber experience to homes everywhere. The natural products available just didn’t seem to pack the punch of traditional, clinical strength brands. He questioned “Why not both?

Doctor Gabe’s Glow-Up line harnesses clinical strength protection by using the biocompatible ingredient known as hydroxyapatite. Paired with essential oils and all natural ingredients, his oral care line is the definition of both effective, and natural.

Begin Your Glow Up


How To Glow Up In 3 Steps


Made with a refreshing formula that leaves your breath feeling extra clean and fresh without any of the burning sensation that comes with other brands


A unique toothpaste made with hydroxyapatite and infused with a rich blend of essential oils, including wintermint, peppermint, and spearmint, that will leave your breath extra fresh for hours


Made with soft bristles and a comfortable grip for a gentle, yet effective cleaning experience. The perfect complement to our Glow Up toothpaste.

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Our Secret Sustainability

BPA - Free
Cruelty - Free
Fluoride - Free
Paraben - Free